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Lorient Agglomeration groups 25 communities, who are all keen to make a success of the area plan, that the intercommunity organisation has transformed into a dynamic and ambitious project.

Thanks to its maritime heritage, Lorient Agglomération is naturally focused on the sea, with more than 140 km of coastline. The coastal and maritime area is extraordinary, partly because of its geography, with areas where land and sea are intertwined, island areas and also its maritime history, which began four centuries ago with the East India Company: commercial, military, shipbuilding, fishing, tourism history…

Committed since the 80s to implementing policies  to ensure sustainable development in the area, Lorient Agglomération and its many partners are working together to develop an integrated management policy for the sea and the coast.

Today, there are still many opportunities. The maritime history of the region is made up of successive cycles; the area has always succeeded in innovating and taking advantage of the changes in the maritime economy, as witnessed by recent developments in the field of ocean racing, fishing, shipbuilding (military and civil) and renewable marine energies and research carried out in the laboratories of the University of South Brittany and Ifremer.

A land of shipyards, a land of high-sea fishing and a land marked by the presence of the French Navy for more than 50 years, Lorient Agglomération has experienced great changes in its maritime economic pillars in the last 15 years. Conversion, restructuring, modernisation and innovation are now the characteristics of Lorient’s maritime landscape.

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