The fishing sector

Fishing sector

Historical and strategical activity in the Pays de Lorient area.  The fishing sector is based around Lorient-Keroman fishing port which is owned by Brittany’s Regional authorities Région Bretagne. The management of this site is entrusted to SEM Lorient Keroman, of which Lorient Agglomeration is the majority shareholder. Region Bretagne and Lorient Agglomeration work together within the Joint Syndicate of Keroman Fishing port. The Joint Syndicate is the awarding authority for the project to carry out the investment that is necessary for the modernisation of the port and for the development of the fishing sector.

The fishing sector at keroman is characterised by the dominant role of wet fish where almost three quarters of the products landed are brought in by Lorient based ships. Approximately 26,000 tonnes are landed every year. A very wide variety of products, in addition to the direct purchases from fish merchants and processors. In total more than 80,000 tonnes of seafood products passes through the fishing port.

The port of Lorient Keroman has adopted sustainable port processes, and is committed to promoting responsible fishing. It guarantees the traceability of the products and is certified ISO 14001.


Key figures

    • Largest French port in terms of value (€86.7 million sales in 2016)
    • Largest port in Brittany
    • Largest port for live nephrops

Number 1 for the landing of wet fish

  • 24 653 tonnes of products sold
    24 653
    tonnes of products sold
  • 80 000 tonnes of seafood products handled every year
    80 000
    tonnes of seafood products handled every year

More than 3,000 direct jobs in Lorient

  • 275


  • 280

    vessels regularly selling fish at the fish auction.

  • 620


  • 500

    employees in the fish merchant companies

  • 1 600

    employees in logistics, ship services and ship repair

  • 400

    jobs in the processing industry

  • 215

    ship movements

  • 7 000

    days of parking on the ship repair area

An ideal geographical position

  • Opening on to the Atlantic, Lorient-Keroman fishing port is ideally situated at the heart of the largest fishing area in Europe and is close to the main navigation routes.
  • 24 hour access with no tidal constraints
  • 55 hectares of port concessions
  • A comprehensive processing and logistics chain

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