The ports explained

The ports explained

The educational message about the sea and the coast by Region Bretagne


With almost 3,000 km of coast, the challenges of the sea and the coast have a particular resonance in Brittany. The economic importance of the maritime activities, the environmental, cultural and tourist importance of the sea and the coast, necessitate strong and coherent educational action. The coherence of the varied and numerous educational actions relating to the sea and the coast, constitute the main condition for the collective appropriation of the maritime challenges. It is essential to make a collective affirmation of the importance of these challenges and the necessity to develop an integrated approach to dealing with them. It must facilitate concerted action and permeate all fields and all populations. An education in the sea and the coast must aim to build a maritime conscience to foster social awareness, and to change individual and collective behaviour.

In Lorient, several structures offer actions and visits to facilitate the appropriation of the maritime world for citizens of all ages.

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Espace des sciences (Science space), Maison de la mer


Created in 1990, port study classes are cultural classes designed by the Espace des sciences/Maison de la Mer and recognised by the Departmental management of National Education Services in the Morbihan (approval no. 56-52).

In the context of an investigatory approach, they offer all educational groups (primary school pupils, secondary school pupils and students) the chance to discover, understand, and study the evolution of maritime and port activities in the Pays de Lorient area and their challenges.

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Public :


  • Primary school pupils
  • Secondary school pupils
  • High school pupils
  • Students
  • Adults on training courses
  • Leisure centres

3 teaching programmes:


  • Coastal development
  • Maritime fishing
  • The shipbuilding industry

La cité de la voile Éric Tabarly :


La Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly is the Sailing and Ocean racing cultural and learning activities centre.
In the specific framework of educational programmes, a teaching service offers a range of activities developed with the expertise of the National Education services departmental management directorate.

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Flore submarine :


The teaching service offers a guided tour of the museum and a range of workshops related to primary cycle 2 and 3 syllabuses and also for secondary schools and high schools.

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Submarine museum:


Theme visits have been organised and are specially adapted for the age of the pupils and to the school syllabuses: History, Heritage, Science and Technology, Biology, etc.

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Sellor :


For one or several days, SELLOR offers themes appropriate to core knowledge and skills. To help you in the organisation of your outings, the team assists you in: building your stay according to your educational project, advising you on how to find funding and provides you with the information necessary to draw up your teaching project file.

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The East India Company museum


The architecture and heritage leaders are available to help you create or finalise and implement your school work project. This may be integrated into the existing activities on offer, but other themes may be developed together

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