The Pays de Lorient offers a wide range of visits in order to discover the maritime wealth and diversity:

Visits offered by the Tourist Office  in partnership with the Maison de la Mer in Lorient 

KEROMAN fishing Port

Come and meet the professionals and discover the journey that fish undertake, in one of the largest fishing ports in France. A mediator will help you understand how the resource is managed, fishing techniques and the system of sales. The circuit ends with the visit of a tidal workshop where the fish is processed before being dispatched. Those who love their food will be able to enjoy a tasting session on Thursdays, and in the spring, early risers can attend the computerised fish auction. Meetings with fishermen are organised on certain Fridays.

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The natural harbour and its 3000 ships:

A return trip between Lorient and Locmiquélic, a short visit of a shipyard and a reading of landscape at the top of Pen Mané fort will allow you experience the atmosphere of the port and see the wealth and diversity of the maritime activities in the natural harbour. Moving from one ship to another, you will discover many companies and people, who, thanks to their know-how and skills, contribute to the economic dynamism of the Pays de Lorient and help forge its keenly maritime identity

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The ship repair area in Keroman:

Trawlers, ferries, sailing boats, launches, etc. Keroman ring, or slipway, is an area where a large number of ships are repaired. Hoisted out of the water by one of the most powerful boat lifts in Europe, they reveal their often hidden secrets.
Water line, propulsion, steering gear, stability…it’s underneath where it all happens! Discover the innovations and know-how developed by the shipyard professionals who have an abundance of ingenious solutions…

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Ifremer’s Lorient station:


In the very heart of the Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER) specialised in the fishing field, experiment with different innovative fishing gear in the test pool. From selective trawls to fish traps, discover the work of the scientists aimed at developing sustainable and more responsible fishing techniques.

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The seafood technical centre:


Sea bass rillettes, nephrops, collagen and bone powder pâté: how are these new food products manufactured? And what can be done with the co-products of fishing or fish processing? Take the time to visit the centre, meet the professionals both cooks and chemists, then test the amazing products developed by the institute 

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“Ship and shipyard” cruises:


After an initial crossing and a stopover in Lorient-La Base or in Port-Louis from 11/11.30 am to 15.15/15.30 come on board for a cruise on the Escal’West vessel. Come right up close to the enormous ships and equipment lining the natural harbour, travel from the harbour entrance to the banks of the River Scorff and the River Blavet to discover the industrial heritage of the area. Pass in front of the largest ship construction hall in Europe and the frigates in the Naval Group shipyard

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La cité de la voile Eric Tabarly 


La Cité of the voile Éric Tabarly, inaugurated in 2008, flies the flag of Lorient La Base, the events quarter of the Lorient area, at the heart of Sailing Valley. This museographic space is a unique place for cultural, scientific and technical discovery dedicated to sailing and ocean racing, and has welcomed more than 600,000 visitors. La Cité de la Voile has become the totem of this site around which a variety of tourist and cultural activities gravitate, and to which hundreds of thousands of people flock every year. It is also a place for events, entertainments, shows, etc.

Individual or group visits.

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The East India Company museum in Lorient:


The themed programme of the East India Company, unique in France, allows visitors to experience the extraordinary history of the great trading companies of the 17th and 18th century. Models of vessels, engravings, ancient maps, Indo-European furniture, china, Indian cotonnade fabrics, all bear witness to this incredible maritime epoch.

Individual and group visits

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The submarine museum:

From the River Etel to the River Laïta, along the coast of the island of Groix, an immense submerged heritage lies in Lorient’s maritime waters. Around 350 sunken wrecks have been lying at a depth of up to 90 metres since the 19th century, constituting a wealth of sunken traces of our maritime history. Each wreck is considered as the subaquatic room of a museum.

Individual and group visits

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Escal’Ouest (maritime company Lorient South Brittany)


Escal’ouest offer a whole range of visits to the port and maritime sites:

Lorient’s natural harbour, a town with 5 ports and 3000 ships.

Combined cruise and visit of the Port-Louis citadel

Combined cruise and visit of the Cité de la Voile museum

Tour with commentary of the island of Groix

Hennebont, the River Blavet, tour of the island of Groix

The River Blavet, Hennebont and its market

The River Blavet its banks and its history

Introduction to sea fishing

Individual and group visits

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