The nautical sector: A boating location with a European-wide reputation

The nautical sector has been a secondary maritime sector in the Pays de Lorient area for a very long time.  But since the start of the 90s with the construction of the Kernével marina and especially with the conversion of the site of the former submarine base in Keroman, Lorient has become a key nautical location renowned throughout Europe.  The strong desire in the area to invest in the modernisation and extension of the marinas, 3,600 floating berths, (Port-Louis, Guidel, Gavres, Kernével and the submarine base), to create an ocean racing centre with more than 50 skippers, 12 racing teams and more than 80 boats, allowed Lorient to highlight new and innovative technical skills and expertise which enhance the positive image of the area.

Since 2009, the nautical sector, which is essentially made up of very small enterprises, has been hit by a crisis due in the main to a drop in purchasing power (a decrease of 250 jobs). However, the Pays de Lorient area negotiated this period with serenity thanks to the dynamism of its ocean racing specialisation (more than 50 companies and 220 indirect jobs). Indeed, carried along by ever more complex and costly sporting projects, the nautical industrial fabric is innovating and continuing its development. Now a European ocean racing centre and as the home port of the French team taking part in the America’s cup, the Pays de Lorient area is continuing its nautical development focusing on the ocean racing players.

In parallel, leisure boating is also experiencing considerable development in the Pays de Lorient area. The increase in its floating capacity in the last few years has contributed to the dynamism of the sector, even though at present demand outstrips supply (Waiting list of 1500). However, the creation of a dry rack building with capacity for 280 boats on the Lorient La Base site has relieved pressure on the marinas and offers a new service in Pays de Lorient.

Marinas: Considerable capacity in the local area

  • 9


  • 3 000

    floating berths

  • 1

    dry rack building (280 places)

  • 1

    professional port (ocean racing and professional)

 Two major managers :


The SELLOR and the Compagnie des Ports of Morbihan

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