Shipbuilding and ship repair

Shipbuilding: Diversification and restructuring

The shipbuilding and ship repair sector was historically built around two components:

A military component, related, prior to 2003, to the presence of the Brest and Lorient military dockyards. This key sector for the Pays de Lorient area, with Naval Group who employed 2,200 people in 2016, is continuing its development and industrial and spatial restructuring with investment in cutting edge tools (refitting halls, outfitting berth, covered construction hall, etc.). Today, Naval Group is considered a world leader in Defence shipbuilding and an innovator in the energy field.

A civil component, related to fishing and maritime transport activities. Characterised by a large number of SMEs, and organised in a syndicate (BPN and IPL) this sector is equipped with modern infrastructures built at the beginning of the 2000s in Keroman in Lorient (650T lifting platform, 150T driver trolley, specific ship repair area…. Thanks to these successful changes in the 2000s, shipbuilding and ship repair in the Pays de Lorient area is still at the dawn of a new cycle: Major new customers (Piriou, Kership, etc.), new sectors of development with the future floating wind turbine test site between the islands of Groix and Belle-Ile.

A profession built around the joint trade organization Interprofession du Port de Lorient


IPL now groups 52 actors in the shipbuilding and repair industry and employs approximately 950 workers. The main aim of the association is to promote the shipbuilding and ship repair businesses and infrastructures in South Brittany and particularly in Lorient. This grouping of know-how gives shipowners a broad choice of skills and expertise to carry out the new build projects, overhauls, and refits.

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Naval Group: High-tech enterprise of international stature:



Naval Group is the European leader in defence shipbuilding and a major player in the field of renewable marine energies.

High-tech enterprise, Naval Group meets the needs of its clients thanks to its cutting edge know-how, its unique industrial resources and its capacity to establish strategic and innovative partnerships.

Largest industrial employer in the Morbihan area with 2,200 employees.

In Lorient, Naval Group builds and develops surface ships (Frigates, OPVs, etc.) and play a pivotal role in the project to install wind turbines off the island of Groix as part of the consortium EOLFI.

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Dedicated infrastructures:


Lorient offers shipbuilding and ship repair professionals two sites specially dedicated to their activities.

The ship repair area

  • a 650 tonne lifting platform

  • a 150 tonne driver trolley

  • a ship repair area designed to ISO 14001 standards

  • land that can accommodate new projects.

The left bank of the River Scorff:

  • A 300m long outfitting berth

  • A 5 tonne, 20 m high crane.

All its infrastructures are managed by SEM Lorient Keroman

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