Lorient Port Center

Port towns are at the heart of world economic exchanges and must constantly adapt to the changes and evolutions in traffic.

Ports evolve and change but tend to do so with a silo mentality. However, this is the reason that the concept of a Port Center has appeared since the 1980s in the different ports.

Port centers allow us to create a new relationship with ports and to strengthen the ties with the inhabitants of the port town that may have weakened. They may even consider the industrial and port as a nuisance. It becomes a place that represents local dynamism based on maritime and port know-how that the general public are often unaware of. It makes it possible to stimulate new career interests in young people and create opportunities for meetings between the world of the work and the world of education.

There is no physical location in the natural harbour area that can is comparable to the different Port Centers already created since the launch of the “port center” label by the International Association of Towns and Ports (AIVP). In May 2016, Lorient Agglomeration ratified the AIVP port centers charter.

However, in view of the diversity of the actors and the maritime activities in Lorient Agglomeration area and the openness and interactions between different populations (citizens, schoolchildren, tourists, professionals, etc.) it is clear for all to see that the concept of Port Center is already well established.

The specificity and the force of the Port Center concept in relation to Lorient Agglomeration is that it covers all the sites and maritime sectors:

Apart from individual actions, the local authorities have nevertheless noted that there is a lack of a common thread allowing better knowledge of the port activities in Lorient’s natural harbour. Via this portal, we propose:

  • To explain the role and operation of the port areas in all their dimensions
  • To allow the appropriation of the port thanks to an interactive and recreational approach
  • To present the wealth of industrial and port trades and encourage people to take up careers in the field
  • To promote research and the innovation of the port sectors
  • To allow links to be created and reinforced between the town and its port areas
  • To create a mediation and meeting place.

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