The commercial port

The commercial port

A port of national interest, the port of Kergroise has been the property of the Breton regional authorities since 2007. The commercial activities is run by a public delegation benefiting the Morbihan Chamber of Commerce and Industry until 31 December 2019.


Lorient Kergroise commercial port’s activities are dominated by the transport of two types of goods, foodstuffs and hydrocarbons. Traffic of 2.4 thousand tonnes transited through the port in 2016. On the regional level, it is the 2nd largest commercial port in Brittany between the ports of Brest and Saint-Malo. These three ports account for 83% of the region’s traffic.

Bulk foodstuffs are the largest item imported into the port and 779,951 tonnes came through the port in 2018. This figure can be explained by the significant presence of food processing industries in the region. Soya followed by sunflower cake was the main product imported in 2018, with 773,370 tonnes.

The hydrocarbon traffic is the second largest product imported into the port, with   912,251 tonnes in 2018.

Construction materials is the other major import and represented a total of 680,000 tonnes in 2018.

The port of Kergroise handles 76,392 tonnes of goods and also accommodates cruise liners in the summer. In 2018, 10 ships (4,000 passengers) made a stopover at Lorient commercial port.

The Commercial port has approximately 1031 metres of mooring quay, which extends right to the coast -13m chart datum, and comprises the following installations:

  • The 150 m quay built in 1985, which accommodates refrigerated cargo ships, ships with conventional cargos and cruise liners
  • The 656m multi-purpose quay, made up of 8 different structures built between 1913 and 2010, which accommodates ships mainly transporting bulk animal feed, and at the north end ships mainly transporting metal.
  • The 125m oil station built in 2009, which can accommodate ships with a maximum tonnage of 50,000 T
  • the RO-RO station which accommodates RO-RO ships
  • the 100m unloading quay at Le Rohu catering for sand dredgers

Key figures in 2018 :

  • 2 400 000

    tonnes handled at the port

  • 444

    stopovers including 8 Panamaxes

  • 779 951

    tonnes of bulk animal feed

  • 912 251

    tonnes of hydrocarbons

  • 680 006

    tonnes of bulk construction materials

  • 76 392

    tonnes of goods and also accommodates

  • 10

    cruise liner stopovers

  • 4 000

    cruise passengers

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The commercial port

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