University of South Brittany

University of South Brittany:

With a strong emphasis on the area’s specialisations, the research strategy of South Brittany University is concentrated on four main themes one of which is a multidisciplinary theme “Man, Sea and Coast” which groups more than a hundred researchers in the following laboratories:


Laboratoire de Biotechnologie et Chimie Marines (LBCM)

Laboratoire Domaines Océaniques (LDO)

Centre de Recherches Historiques de l’Ouest (CERHIO)


Laboratoire en Sciences et Techniques de l’Information, de la Communication et de la Connaissance (Lab-STICC)

Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires (IRISA)

Laboratoire de Mathématiques en Bretagne Atlantique (LMBA et IRDL) which links certain coastal issues to man’s activities.


Some of these laboratories participate in: –LABEX “Mer”, run by the European Institute for Marine Studies – in the IDEALG project run by the Station Biologique de Roscoff – IRT Jules Verne – the Institute for energy transition “France Énergies Marines”

UBS’ laboratories are also involved in a number of scientific organisation and development actions such as Scientific Interest Groups: – GIS Europôle Mer – GIS-CNRS Histoire & Sciences de la mer, a network that it manages and which groups 320 researchers at the national level.

Member of the “Marine Universities Network”, UBS is also participating in the framework of its research projects in the activities of the competitiveness cluster “Mer” and is in particular developing partnerships with local companies involved in the maritime sector.

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